Posters & Prints

How simple poster design seems in the context of the modern web. Flat, static images, only ever viewed at one size. No UI to consider, no UX – just paper and ink.

Despite this simplicity, a poster must accomplish so much more with much less. You only get one shot. An instant to communicate your core message to a viewer. I love this about it, and I love punctuating my computer-driven design work with the physical, tactile joy of working in the silk-screening studio. Below is a selection of poster designs from various projects over the years.

Space Exploration Silkscreen Series

An ongoing series of subtle space colonization propaganda, this series of posters is designed to help us envision our future lives amongst the cosmos. Wrapping the dramatic scale of worlds unexplored in vibrant palettes evokes a sense of awe and inspiration to contrast typical fears stemming from our unknown fate.

Click through to see each layer of the print, one at a time.

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Show Posters

For years I worked in music. As creative director of Tender Loving Empire I had the opportunity to design dozens of poster advertisements for concerts. Many times the requirements of the imagery need for such posters are non-existent – one is allowed free reign to put anything one wishes on paper.