Donnie Vegas

A dead simple website for a dead simple bar.

These days in Portland, Oregon every new counter-service-farm-to-table-sustainable-vegan restaurant is trying to fill a very specific niche. What is special about our oaxacan-inspired flautas? How does our barrel-aged-twice-distilled-12-year whiskey define who we are as a brand? They’re all trying to rise above the cacophony that is the Portland food and drink scene and as a result only make it more difficult to find something simple and familiar.

That’s why the world needs places like Donnie Vegas. Donnie Vegas is a dive bar, plain and simple. They have fast-as-hell service so you can pour more alcohol down your gullet in less time. They even go so far as to have pre-mixed cocktails on tap so you’re not sitting around waiting for the recent graduate of Mixology University to finish shaking your gimlet-tini. And when it comes to food, they’ve already made your decision for you because they only serve one thing: hot dogs. If you dont like it, go to Pok Pok or something.

Donnie Vegas hired me to build a website to match their ethos: dead simple. The result is a responsive one-pager listing the bar’s hours, menu, and one simple disclaimer, “Donnie changes the menu whenever he wants, ya dig.”