Explain. Space

For so long, my affinity for space turned me into an ad hoc professor. Friends and family would constantly ask me basic questions about space related phenomena that affected them in their daily lives. This is how Explain.space was born.

So many people have seen the sun set a million times but are confused about why it glows red as it reaches the horizon. What is actually happening during an eclipse? Pointing people to a Wikipedia article or a episode of Cosmos just wasn’t cutting it. People needed simple, clear, visual explanations to truly understand what they’re witnessing.

So, I created Explain.space to do just that – to explain space, in a visually captivating and interactive way (and to save myself from continually having to hold out my fist and say “Ok, here’s the sun”). The webapp now serves as a growing resource to help the space-curious better connect with their surroundings and understand what’s actually out there.