Pi Solutions

Are you developing a new type of rocket propulsion that requires a specific advanced thermal ceramic coating, but you just can’t figure out which coating to use? Pi has your solution.

After he founded Pi Solutions in 2009 as a cross-category manufacturing consultancy, Manuel La Rosa Betancourt heard the rumble of a booming space economy and in 2016 decided to pivot the company focus toward aerospace. Newly committed to working exclusively with space companies to help foster innovation in otherwise stalled or stagnant product development pipelines, Pi needed a strategic partner to help shepherd them during this next chapter.

Pi Solutions hired Cosma Schema, my space design agency, to help them appeal to a more astro-centric audience by reflecting this new focus and mission in their brand identity, communication and website. We worked together to simplify communication, clarify purpose and amplify visual impact. After a thorough audit, we rewrote and reformatted company information in a clear authoritative brand voice, and created a simpler, more modern, website to tell Pi’s new story.