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Pax Labs & Juul Labs

PAX Labs and JUUL Labs are ushering in the vapor-based smoking revolution. Whether for cannabis or smoking alternatives, these companies are making products for a healthier, connected future.

Ouster Autonomous Vehicles

Ouster develops technology powering the next generation of self-driving cars. Their custom LIDAR-based hardware will not only map the world in 3D, it will produce a real-time map of dense urban areas for other autonomous vehicles to make utilize for navigation. We worked with them to get their brand off the ground, helping them put their best foot forward for the recruitment/investor hustle.

Tender Loving Empire

Tender Loving Empire is a record label and handmade goods store in Portland, Oregon. I joined the company as the Creative Director and second employee in 2010 – when I left in 2016, the company had over 35 employees, 4 locations and an iconic brand symbolizing the heart and soul of Portland and its thriving creative scene.

Pi Solutions

Are you developing a new type of rocket propulsion that requires a specific advanced thermal ceramic coating, but you just can’t figure out which coating to use? Pi has your solution.

Cosma Schema

There are few things that excite me more than good design and outer space. So, in 2015, I combined the two. The result is Cosma Schema, a design and brand strategy agency focused exclusively on servicing the new space economy. In addition to making great work for our clients, my team and I also developed our own brand (gotta set a good example). We designed the Cosma Schema brand to appeal to a hyper-niche audience.

Explain. Space

For so long, my affinity for space turned me into an ad hoc professor. Friends and family would constantly ask me basic questions about space related phenomena that affected them in their daily lives. This is how was born.


Have you ever had the opportunity to choose the price you want to pay for something that you love? We founded Generous to bring the pay-what-you-want experience to the masses.

Tencent’s had a broad vision to become the go-to website for space fans. I stepped in with Cosma Schema to build a strategic development plan and begin a new chapter in their visual brand.

Video Projects

Moving images were my first love. It’s a medium that allows more artistic control – the ability to completely immerse and transport your audience into a world you alone have created.

Northwest Pale Ale

Fort George Brewery in Astoria, Oregon has a unique tradition of teaming up with local businesses to concoct collaborative beers. The Northwest Pale Ale was a delicious, hoppy brew designed to represent the fortitude of the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

Posters & Prints

How simple poster design seems in the context of the modern web. Flat, static images, only ever viewed at one size. No UI to consider, no UX – just paper and ink.

Argent Women’s Workwear

Argent is tackling a niche that has been severely underserved: women’s workwear. And not just any workwear that is, as they aptly say it: stylish, functional and designed to help women shatter the glass ceiling.